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Leado is an award-winning social enterprise designing products and services that help rural families achieve their goals.

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LEADO has made significant strides in Baidoa, Somalia, as part of the UN Joint Programme Saameynta (Impact) – Scaling-Up Solutions to Displacement. By thoroughly mapping the local employment landscape, LEADO pinpointed a substantial need for labor across both formal and informal sectors, highlighting critical skill shortages in hospitality, agriculture, technical services, and trade.

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To address these gaps, LEADO advocates for targeted training programs focusing on business, financial literacy, computer skills, and technical expertise. LEADO’s work in Baidoa emphasizes the urgent need for these initiatives to bridge skill deficits and drive sustainable economic development in the region.


LEADO has spearheaded efforts to strengthen Bosaso’s economy by supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Through a meticulous Labour Market Needs Analysis, LEADO identified labor demands, skill gaps, and the challenges faced by MSMEs in both formal and informal sectors. This deep dive into the local economy enabled LEADO to craft targeted interventions and training programs, aligning job seekers’ skills with market needs and boosting employment prospects.

To bridge significant skills gaps, LEADO provided training in mechanical, electrical, construction, and information technology disciplines. These programs aimed to increase technological literacy and workforce adaptability, resulting in improved job opportunities and performance across diverse industries.

By focusing on sectors with growing labor demand, including industrial, technology, healthcare, and renewable energy, LEADO identified and promoted high-demand skills. This initiative has reduced critical skill shortages, fostering economic resilience and facilitating the growth of new businesses in Bosaso.

Working closely with local stakeholders, LEADO delivered training programs encompassing vocational, technical, and professional development. This holistic approach has cultivated a skilled workforce poised to meet the demands of Bosaso’s expanding economy, leading to enhanced business operations and productivity.

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