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Leado is an award-winning social enterprise designing products and services that help rural families achieve their goals.

Our Platform


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How We Help?

LEADO creates market opportunities for beneficiaries via end-to-end value chain support

LEADO drives market opportunities through comprehensive value chain support, engaging with farmers in developing economies. Our holistic approach encompasses community outreach, innovative pre-harvest planning, value-add inputs, monitoring for production optimization, and creating vital market linkages, ensuring peace and  prosperity.

Access to inputs

Access to markets


Community engagement campaigns with farmers in developing economies


Plan for the upcoming harvest season with innovative best practices


Create value-add inputs & capacity building for maximised production


Loss mitigation, disease & pest prevention, input management


Creating market linkages via production, processing & distribution
Areas of Expertise

Assisting economic development for
households, communities & nations

Socioeconomic Strengthening

Increased income, promoting gender equality, poverty alleviation & access to education

Market Linkages & Exports

Increasing earned income through market linkages to maximise farmer & trader profit

Agroprocessing & Agribusiness

Applying innovative technologies to reduce post-harvest losses via improved quality & throughput

Agriculture & Livestock

Partnering with beneficiaries to improve sustainable & scalable production

Emergency Response

Procurement & distribution of necessities for lives & livelihoods for at-risk communities

Health Systems Strengthening

Inoculation & health awareness campaigns via our community presence

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Paths to Prosperity and Growth

Follow our efforts to Create Paths to Prosperity and Growth Through Agriculture in Afghanistan, Somalia and Ukraine.

Together, we can empower Communities for Peace and Sustainable Income.

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