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100 Community Led Activities - UNDP

LEADO leverages its integration with communities across three selected provinces in Afghanistan in order to achieve success in delivery of cash for work scheme to promote community mobilization, identification and prioritization of 100 community-led activities in Badghis, Farah and Herat. All identified community led initiatives and activities are focused on health, education, social protection, agriculture and livelihood development through Cash-for-Work schemes.

NHLP (Fishery & Poultry) NHLP (Fishery & Poultry)

LEADO arranged value-added production activities to over 250 beneficiaries focused on fish and poultry farming in the following seven provinces: Laghman, Nangarhar, Herat, Kandahar, Kunduz, Baghlan, Mazar. LESDO team members worked on community fish ponds, fishery establishment, supply of all inputs, management (water & disease control, production improvements, quality assurance), and downstream market-linkages via b2b exchanges provided for beneficiaries.

SNAP-2 (Horticulture & Livestock)

LEADO in partnership with the World Bank and MAIL led a project spanning some 500 beneficiaries across the provinces of Parwan, Kapisa and Mazar-e Sharif in Afghanistan. This was to select and train the beneficiaries on poultry and livestock education. In addition to that, coop constructions were done as well as distribution of several poultries and poultry products took place. Throughout this project LEADO team members led an upstream supply for supported poultry farmers which included feeding supplies, feeders, wire-mesh, doors and wood saws. Several trainings were conducted for farmers throughout the implementation of this project.

Afganistan Workforce Development Programm / SW

LEADO in partnership with IRD led implemented this project in Farah province in 6 districts for over 2000 beneficiaries. LEADO team members conducted trainings in poultry rearing. In addition to that coop and construction trainings were also one of the top focuses of LEADO team members for the beneficiaries. There were several trainings on capacity building to all the beneficiaries across the Farah Province.

Horticulture, Livestock and Agriculture Trainings

LEADO worked with 220 farmer beneficiaries’ in Kandahar province to establish trellis farming for the vineyards to improve harvests and the quality of products as well as the process of cleaning pest and disease control. In addition to that, we also worked on dehydration of grapes for the production of raisins. Input distribution was provided for the sprayers, pruners and fertilizers. Several trainings were arranged and implemented for farmer beneficiaries’ based on best practices to ensure a maximum level of production as well as assuring that the quality of products were linked to the downstream markets.

Home Gardening

LEADO engaged over 150 female beneficiaries in a home gardening project where they learned many different basic farming skills. The support included sourcing grow-able vegetables like, spinach, pumpkin, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and okra. Under out scope of work LEADO helped MEDA lead land preparations, bed construction, fertilization, pest and disease control, harvesting and packing of goods, and marketing. Each of the training was organized in separate sessions and in details.

Poultry Project ( Women Focused)

In partnership with DACAAR, LEADO implemented a project on poultry for 500 beneficiaries across the province of Laghman. The beneficiaries were selected and trained on poultry rearing. Throughout this project LEADO team members led an upstream supply for supported poultry farmers which included feeding supplies, feeders, wire-mesh, doors and wood saws. Several trainings were conducted for farmers throughout the implementation of this project. Several trainings and capacity building programs were initiated and implemented based on best practices and quality control to ensure maximum levels of effectiveness.

Participatory Agroforestry for Sustainable Livelihoods Participaton

LEADO partnered with UNFAO to help facilitate projects in Agroforestry to select and train 300 male beneficiaries on production in order to be able to bring down the burden on forests in compact forest areas that are used for wood burning stoves. This project supported the protection of forested areas from deforestation and erosion in Nangarhar province.

Carpet Weaving & Animal-products Processing (women focused)

LEADO worked in Maidan Wardak province to select over 250 female beneficiaries in carpet weaving. LEADO facilitated inputs provided for carpet weaving, training and capacity building on quality control and best practices, while carpet weavers were able to join established associations. Associations were then linked with downstream markets to ensure end-to-end value chain development ensuring quality products reached quality markets.

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